• Tina Witherspoon

Statement Necklace from Mask Making Materials

I'm not sure if you've seen my blog post about mask making over the past 14 months, but I'm still sewing them for my local Vashon community and making fashionable masks for the shop. My two hands have sewn more than 1800 masks at this point, but as the need begins to slow, I got to wondering: what do I do with all those mask making supplies?

I've experimented with nearly all the mask styles you can download off the web: pleated with elastic, pleated with self ties, fitted with elastic or tee shirt ties and spring toggle beads or pony beads. I have an abundance of materials that I now feel compelled to use in some way to keep them out of the landfills. So the other day I started experimenting with the tee shirt ties, and incorporated some macrame, and I came up with a new necklace design.

After I made the necklace prototypes I decided to make an indigo vat and dye some of the cotton fabric that had been used in mask making so that I could give it another life. As I was gathering scraps in the studio I just happened to walk past the white tee shirt necklace prototype hanging on a hook and thought "What if I try dip dyeing it?" There's just something beautiful about the combination of white and indigo. Isn't she pretty!?

This first batch was so much fun to make that I gathered up all the remaining materials in my sewing room and created another dozen pieces! The macrame part is done and as soon as I am able to add the clasps, I'll get them up in the online shop.

I'm also working on creating a video tutorial so you can make these lovely necklaces as well! Even if you don't have tee shirt ties lying around your space, you probably have a tee shirt that you're about to donate to a thrift store that you could cut up and turn into your own one-of-a-kind necklace, am I right?

This black one (above) looks kind of like an owl, don't you think?

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