• Tina Witherspoon

New Year New Outlook

Last summer, after five months of quarantine, I hit a creative wall. With everything going on in the world, my impulse to make beautiful things had waned and then completely disappeared. Maybe it grew out of the repetition of sewing masks every day, or maybe it was the shift in the world toward necessity rather than luxury. But all of a sudden, the act of creating beautiful dresses didn't feel important and there were so many other issues pulling my attention that my focus was called elsewhere. I needed to feel like I was contributing to the issues facing the country and that's the basket in which I put all my eggs for the remainder of 2020.

Some time around the first of the year, things started looking up. I was beginning to feel hopeful putting that long year behind me, and starting to look forward to a return to a sense of normal life again. I'm not talking about a return to the status quo — I have learned a lot in this difficult year, and I see the world for what it is and what it can be, and my new normal will be an inclusive and uplifting one. Nonetheless, I'm holding out for some return to the everyday-ness we all enjoyed before the pandemic and it started a wave of optimism. Then one day in January I just started sewing — experimenting with scrap fabrics and digging through bins of zippers and just making things without much of a plan. It was therapeutic and necessary and it brought me back to what I love doing which is making things and sharing stories through photography.

Boho Republic Living is the natural extension of the original Boho Republic brand, but it's no longer just about getting dressed. It's still about casual, comfortable, chic. It's still about looking your best every day, not just on special occasions. But there's a new focus on taking the time, using what you have, capturing stories and enjoying life in the moment. Making a meal into a special event even if it's just the two of you. Saving scraps of fabric to piece together that will one day become something larger. Gathering leaves to use as natural dye and reimagining possibilities. Growing a garden of vegetables and flowers for the sake of beauty and nourishment. Sitting in the sun.

I'm excited to share all of these new possibilities and hope you'll continue to follow along. There will be more experiments each month and I welcome collaborations and connections as life marches on toward a better normal.


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