• Tina Witherspoon

For the Love of Surface Design

I've always enjoyed printing my own fabric through Spoonflower. In the past the way I've been able to do this is by uploading a photograph I took, then using the website's internal tools to create a mirrored repeat. It's been fun, but that process was always a bit limiting. In fact, I never thought I'd find a way to create original illustrations that would be high enough quality and suitable for printing.

My skills in Photoshop have been building for years — an absolute necessity for a photographer — but I have always been intimidated by Adobe Illustrator and thought that digital design was totally out of my reach. Then along came Procreate for Ipad and my mind is blown! I'm finally feeling like I know what I'm doing and having a lot of fun doing it. This is the most accessible digital drawing app I've ever used and I can't stop drawing! I started a few months ago not knowing exactly how to navigate the tools, and with a little practice I'm feeling more confident each day. I've also taken several classes on Skillshare (which I highly recommend) and I feel like I learn something new with each class.

I've always been a fan of the bandana — such an iconic American accessory — and during the last year of having to cover our faces in public, I've seen a surge in bandana use. I thought I'd try my hand at designing my own line of folk inspired, bohemian bandanas. These are digitally printed on 100% cotton poplin via Spoonflower. Pre-washed, they will only get softer with each use, and at 24" square, they are large enough to use as a hair cover, neckerchief or even to cover your face when shopping at the grocery.

This project marks the first time I've put my own signature on a piece of artwork, and that felt really great. My first full collection of Folk Art Printed Bandanas were added to the shop recently and they are already SOLD OUT! I've ordered more to be printed and it should only take a few weeks to get them back in stock. Thank you so much for the validation! I mean I love them, but it seems you do too!

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