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"Boho Republic was born in 2013, but I've been designing all my life."

Are you frequently the best-dressed person in the room? Whatever your mother told you, it's not a faux pas to abandon the suggested dress code. Just because you're comfortable, doesn't mean you can't make an entrance.

Maybe it started when I got my hands on a pair of scissors as a child, or perhaps it began with my first trip to a second hand store. In high school I wore men's blazers with vintage slips, during college there was an infusion of costume influence, and by the time I had my first apartment, I had amassed a couple dozen pairs of Mary Janes and more than a closet full of vintage. Designing was a natural next step. Deconstruction was the gateway, and I still incorporate recycled textiles whenever possible, enjoying the challenge it presents. While the silhouettes don't change all that much from season to season, the vibe is always fresh.



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